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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

What is your LEGACY?

 I LOVE that my 4 year old is up at 5:30am because she is afraid she is going to miss my bible study time.

    I must admit, I haven't always loved this.  I actually started doing my bible study at 5:30am to beat her to the punch, race her to the kitchen table, so I could have a quiet time with the Lord and get my day started on the right foot.  I'm going to be truth speaker honest with you, I have often become extremely resentful… we are told we ought to have this bible study quiet time and when you are a mom of what seems like 40,000 kids "QUIET" anything isn't in the vocabulary.  

  At first I tried my "quiet" time during breakfast, that didn't work.  Then a dutiful friend suggested I get up a few minutes before the masses and commence to the vast and in-depth studying of the bible, well my 4 year old was vigilant as soon as she detected my creaking bedroom door moaning open.  

"Moooooommy get me this and mommy get me that… I love you mommy.

   it was so frustrating. Frustrating? So then I started setting my alarm for 5:30am and quietly sneaking like a thief in the night to the kitchen table not making a peep.  

Guess what?!?! 

   She was up within minutes. minutes…sometimes seconds. Quickly. Pittering and pattering about... I couldn't get my bible opened.  I would complain to her and make her go get in bed with her sleeping father, or turn on cartoons and let her eat cereal at the bar while I studied.  Being quite snippy because I just couldn't wake up any earlier, I was exhausted already.  Because as a mom of what seems like 40,000 kids you are already up late at night to get "things done" and have a moment of silence browsing through Facebook and Instagram catching up on all the posts you were deprived of throughout the day and laughing at everyone's jokes.  

It is in vain that you rise up early

    and go late to rest,

eating the bread of anxious toil;

    for he gives to his beloved sleep.

Psalm 127:2 (ESV)

Then not to long ago…. I came across this verse.  WHAT?!?!  Whoever wrote this (Solomon) must not have been a mom of what seems like 40,000 kids.

The struggle is real.

Then came time for me to start the new Ecclesiastes summer bible study, with the girls at Women Living Well.  As I begin this journey of learning about Solomon who was healthy, wealthy, and wise, so far Ecclesiastes is about him whining about his life, we have only made it to chapter 2, but it's not looking good for the home team.   Nothing really matters.  No matter how many wives he had he wanted more, no matter how much stuff he had he wanted more, no matter how much wisdom he had it wasn't enough.  It was never enough.  He spent his life "Chasing after the wind"…he had everything "under the sun" at his disposal and it wasn't enough.  No one would remember him and he couldn't take any of it with him.

16 For of the wise as of the fool there is no enduring remembrance, seeing that in the days to come all will have been long forgotten.
 How the wise dies just like the fool! 
17 So I hated life, because what is done under the sun was grievous to me,
 for all is vanity and a striving after wind.

Ecclesiastes 2: 16-17 (ESV)

Vanity= emptiness

Whoa! SOLOMON had it all!  And yet he was afraid he was going to be forgotten.

Legacy:   something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past

That struck a chord with me. Ol' King Solomon, was worried about his legacy.  Then I inadvertently started singing in my head…  "I wanna leave a legacy, how will they remember me.." by Nichole Nordeman  

Music always speaks to me and it is a powerful tool of the memory.

All while the 4 year old won the race to the kitchen table this morning and sitting and patiently waiting before the sun was up with her "Princess Journal" to "DO" bible study.  I was pleasantly overwhelmed and humbled as my king whispered…

"This is your legacy!" 

   So as you can see in the picture above we studied God's word together.  Her princess journal is filled with words to her king.  I read a few verses to her and she wrote unintelligible (to me) notes to her king and I studied.  Yes being the task oriented person that I am sometimes disruptions of people annoy me.  As the Lord continues to work in and through this old cracked pot and the Holy Spirit does a work in me despite my own self.  I learn daily how to die to myself and submit to my King.  For my reward is great when I submit my will to his and listen just obediently listen to what my King has to say.

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